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Innovation is the key to development


We love synergies, efficiency, and high return on investment – but we love new ideas, unusual ways of thinking and taking chances just as much.


We don’t want to do the same as last year. And our innovation team and their defined processes makes sure we don’t! We apply these processes on all clients and activities throughout the year. We also prioritize inspirational days out of office – both individually and for the whole company.

What we do

Initiate projects

We create a space for generating and working with new ideas and continuously seek problems to solve and ideas to catch.


Run projects

We work with project management and development of innovation projects and new concepts within Related drawing on our colleagues’ expertise and professional knowledge and insights, and we ensure thorough delivery to the operation of each project.


Facilitate innovation

We create and facilitate innovative processes within all departments to ensure innovation in everything we do. We do this by providing methods, workshops, and tools for innovation in everyday work.


Invest in innovation

We invest in and work with external products, projects, and firms working with innovation relevant for the travel industry.

How we do it

Our 5 pre-defined phases


  • idea generation
  • innovation of the idea
  • iterative design of the concept
  • development of the solution
  • future operation of the concept
Innovation workshop
An innovation workshop tailormade for your brand and your team. Let's deep-dive into the problems you want solved, do an new take on the user-journey or optimize current processes. The goal: To develop your destination or product and take it to new heights!
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In-market development
We help you identify solutions to improve your marketing. Can it be done better, more efficient, in a new way? A new set of eyes (ours) will enable you to think out of the box.
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