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Our new look – why, how, what?

Our new look – why, how, what?

Learn why we chose the pink and yellow tones, what the dots in our logo mean, and other thoughts behind our new visual identity.

You might have seen our new identity which we launched in late 2022. And you might have noticed the playful colors, giving us a more creative look than our previous (and more corporate) blue logo. But why the pink and yellow tones?  And why the two dots?

In this blogpost, we’ll try to explain the thoughts behind our new look!

The best caption of memories is found in blue and red
Ever heard about the golden hour? Photographers (and travelers – we love great travel photos, right?!) are usually keen to find their camera just when the sun rises or the exact moment before the sun sets. The subtle natural light during these hours creates a special depth in the photos.

Usually both sunset and sunrise are characterized by blue and red/pink tones; with sunrise being the blue hour and sunset being the red hour. While the first marks the exciting day to arrive, the last marks the memories of the great day that has just passed.

So, in some way, you can say that the best memories (or at least the best caption of memories) are found around sunset and sunrise.

So why the yellow?
Still hanging on? Okay, so this was the blue and the pink tones. What about the yellow dot in the logo?

Yellow symbolizes the sun itself: Energy, life, happiness, joy.

Further, yellow is the contrast color to red and blue. While red symbolizes energy and passion, power and strength, blue is professionalism and loyalty. And lilac, which we also use, is (literally) a mix of the red and blue; and thereby these values.

Add to this the yellow: Energy and joy. A bright sparkle and surprising element.

Then you pretty much have the values of Related!

The pink, blue, purple and yellow tones can be combined in endless ways; just like our competences and services. And together the colors create a playful and creative look – symbolizing the way we work at Related!

What’s the dots about?

Our mantra at Related is, that we ARE our clients. We always act on behalf of our clients, to represent their best interest – both when we are at events, hosting fam trips, talking to tour operators, journalists and influencers, and developing new ideas.

The : symbol placed before (and not after) the logo shows just that; we ARE our clients, and clients’ interests always come first!

The dots can also be seen as a pin on a map; referring to our strong position and tradition within the travel industry.

And not at least, the two dots (in different colors) represent our two expertise fields: Travel and Lifestyle. Two different colors. Two different fields. But the same competences and the same values!