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We’re making an app!

We’re making an app!

After a year of development, we can now reveal, that we are planning to launch an app, created to make coordination, planning and hosting of fam trips both much easier and much more fun!

Every year, Related sends hundreds of tour operators, travel agents, media and influencers on fam trips and press trips around the world, to explore the many exciting destinations we represent.

The coordination of these trips requires quite a lot of resources – including distribution of itinerary, practical information, answering questions on mail/phone/WhatsApp/SMS. Not to mention the follow-up and distribution of material after the trip.

And we love all of it, of course! We love showcasing our destinations and we love being in touch with our stakeholders and network, as these are key in terms of spreading the word to the travelers.

But we have also been thinking: Can this be done in a smarter way? Could we centralize all communication and create a platform facilitating all the steps involved in planning a fam trip or press trip?

And now we actually dare to answer: Yes it can!

The past year, we have been working on a new app, made especially for fam and press trips in the travel industry.

We hired our own software developer. We allocated a project management team. We did lots of interviews with users and staff team members.

And in a few months, the first version should be here!

What’s so cool about this app, you might ask?

Well, not to brag, but here’s just a few of the features to be included.

  • Chat function for easy communication before, during and after the trip.
  • Dynamic itinerary: Continuously updated itineraries – allowing to make changes and easily inform all participants.
  • Practical info: Google Map links, images and info for each activity or hotel – making it easy for the participants to find information before, during and after the trip.
  • Image functions allowing you to upload images to each activity in the itinerary – to create a photo album and remember all the fun stuff at the trip.
  • Image gallery for sharing images with the whole group.
  • Easy access to itineraries, info and images after ended trip.
  • History and overview of previous and upcoming trips.
  • Everything you need before, during and after your trip gathered in one place.
  • Gamification elements to make participants even more familiar with the destination beforehand – and increase brand memory afterwards
  • Evaluation systems, to evaluate itinerary/experiences/partners/etc. and thereby learn and improve

The app will make it easier and more professional to both host and join fam trips.

To be honest, not all features might be included in the first version. But the above is our vision – and most likely we will identify additional needs and functions along the way.

So tell us: are you as excited as we are? (Please say yes!!)