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Conference on innovation in tourism

Conference on innovation in tourism

Since innovation is deeply rooted in our work, we love to listen and learn about new start-ups and how technology is used to create better experiences.

Therefore, our Senior Insights & Data Executive, Dennis Grauslund, attended the inspiring conference “Up&Next 2023” on innovation in tourism.

There were many interesting takeaways from the conference, but to name a few:

  • Data is king when it comes to understanding and mapping guest experiences. By using data more effectively, we can analyze and optimize every step of the customer journey and enhance our understanding greatly.
  • It’s okay to look beyond your own company for innovative ideas. Collaborating with organizations that excel at innovation can be one way to go, as innovation can be challenging, especially for companies with a heavy focus on day-to-day operations.
  • Let’s not forget to be critical of the solutions we adopt. Even though ChatGPT is an amazing tool, we need to approach its answers with a discerning eye.

Besides new insights about innovation in tourism and tech, we also got to witness the rap battle between ChatGPT and a legendary freestyle rapper. And no, ChatGPT did not have a chance.