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Innovation workshop: New ways of working with PR

Innovation workshop: New ways of working with PR

We allocated an afternoon to take our own medicine and join a creative PR workshop planned by our innovation team.

As you might know, if you’ve worked with us on different projects, we loooove synergies, efficiency, and high return on investment!

BUT as you have hopefully also sensed, we love new ideas, unusual ways of thinking and taking chances just as much.

To make sure we stay on our toes and continuously improve our way of working with PR, to create the best possible impact for the many brands trusting us, some of us spent an afternoon on an innovative workshop recently.

What, who and how?

The workshop was planned and lead by our innovation team. Through a defined process, we were forced to reflect on some of the following questions: What is impact? What kind of impact do we want to create? Who is the target group? And how can we create this impact with the defined target audience? The different exercises were done both individually and in the group, which led to some great discussions and reflections – not to mention a lot of new ideas.

Insights as the core
But before we got there, we of course started with insights and data. Our Insights & Data Senior Executive presented recent stats on consumer behavior and preferences related to the topic of the workshop (cruise travelling).

These insights formed the basis of the topics and challenges to be discussed; so we knew which “problems” to solve through the workshop.

Making ideas come true

After the creative brainstorms on impact, audience and methods, we prioritized the best ideas to move forward with. This was done with a “value effort” matrix to define the effort needed to execute the idea and the expected value created from the idea. This made it possible to see how to allocate the resources; and forced us to kill some of our darlings (tough job!).

And then we had to conceptualize the ideas and develop an action plan and define the roles and tasks for how to take this further; to make sure it becomes more than just great ideas.

More ideas for great impact

All in all, the afternoon gave us new perspectives and thoughts on how we work – and made us come up with new ideas which, when discussed and developed in the group, we believe can create great impact for our clients, in a new way.

So now we’re working on a bunch of fact sheets and a creative campaign pitch which we came up with during the workshop. And we have a whole bunch of other creative ideas to work on in the months to come!