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Part 2: Our fave podcasts and desk must-haves

Part 2: Our fave podcasts and desk must-haves

A few months ago, we shared a blogpost with the team’s favorite podcasts and must-have at their desk. Now it’s time for part 2!

This time, you’ll get to know whose guilty pleasure it is to listen to a paparazzi podcast, who has a fun time in the travel industry in the 80’s, and who always has candy at their desk!

(And in case you missed it, here’s part 1!)


Victoria, Brand & Influencer Activation Executive: I listen to a lot of podcasts and often when I’m working, so I’ll have to list a few! The first one is “Kafferepet” (“Coffee party”). Here, listeners send in funny stories from their own lives, which are then read by three comedians – it’s the type of podcast where you’ll start laughing in public! “Alex och Sigges” podcast is another favorite, it includes personal stories, societal and cultural analysis as well as personal anecdotes and stories. I’m also a fan of documentaries and educational podcasts, so P3 Music Documentary, P3 History and P3 Documentary are three favorites in that segment. And lastly, “Paparazzipodden” (The paparazzi podcast”), as celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure of mine, and this podcast goes deeper into celebrity stories as well as analyzing general phenomena in pop culture – the hosts are also very funny!

Camilla’s desk

Jens, Travel Trade & Marketing Director: I listen to “De sidste Charterguider” (“The last Charter Guides”) – mostly because I am part of the story, it was a completely crazy time in the 80’s and 90’s. I also love listening to podcasts about the mafia in Italy, Chicago and Las Vegas.

Nikoline, PR, Social and Content Assistant: Every time I’m on the move, I listen to podcasts – which means I get through quite a few podcasts every week! My favorite podcast is “Hemmeligheder” (“Secrets”), where listeners anonymously send in their secrets through a voicemail that is open 24/7. The host and a famous guest shed light on the secrets, and they speak the unsaid out loud – culminating with the guest sharing a secret of their own. Such an interesting podcast with both relatable and (very) surprising secrets!

Camilla: PR, Social & Content Executive: I mostly listen to news commentary podcasts, but my ALL-TIME favorite is Third Ear’s “Kvinden med den tunge kuffert” (“The woman with the heavy suitcase”). It’s a must-listen for any podcast fan – who understand Danish of course.

Lisa, Event & Marketing Executive: At the moment, I’m listening to “Vores mentale sundhed” (“Our mental health”), a mind care collective podcast about – funnily enough – our mental health. I think it’s quite exciting to hear different inspiring experts share their knowledge and perspectives on this topic – but also get some new tools on how to do things differently and thus experience greater value, peace and balance in a busy everyday life.

Nanna, PR, Social & Content Executive: I am actually not that in to podcasts. Instead, I like to listen to upbeat music which always puts me into a happy mood.

Nikoline’s desk


Victoria, Brand & Influencer Activation Executive: I always have to sit close to a window so I get some sunlight (especially important in the dark Nordic winter months!), a pair of comfortable headphones with a podcast or music in them is also a must, as well as a wireless mouse. If I’m working from home, I usually light a candle. And of course, lip balm and snus.

Jens, Travel Trade & Marketing Director: I don’t really have anything on my work desk – I prefer a “clean table”. But there is always room for a green tea or a sparkling water!

Nikoline, PR, Social and Content Assistant: My desk is never super tidy, because I like to be surrounded by my favorite things: a cup of coffee, a glass of sparkling water, one or two pairs of lip balm or lip gloss, my phone and my AirPods – and sometimes a snack!

Camilla, PR, Social & Content Executive: An absolute must-have for me is a hair clip or hair band to get my lion’s mane out of my face!

Lisa, Event & Marketing Executive: AirPods, lip balm and coffee! So nothing fancy!  

Nanna, PR, Social & Content Executive: Coffee and candy – especially by the end of the day, where my brain always calls for a sugar rush!

Victoria’s desk