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Our fave podcasts and desk must-haves

Our fave podcasts and desk must-haves

At the Related office, we all have our own routines and habits when taking on the day, as well as favorites to get us through the day with ease. Whether it’s a podcast that calms us after work or a disco ball to light up our office desk, these habits are unique to each coworker and part of what makes us be the best versions of ourselves on and off work.

To give some insights, and maybe inspiration, into our work-life at Related, we’ve asked some of our colleagues about their favorite podcast and what items are must-haves in their workspace.


Dennis, Senior insights & data Executive: ”Hva’ så” by Danish comedian Christian Fuhlendorff. It’s a podcast where Christian and a guest/celebrity/scientist/stand-up comedian goes for a walk while having an informal and down-to-earth conversation.

Christina, Travel PR, Social & Content Director: I love listening to ”Morgenoverblikket” (Morning overview) by the Danish media Zetland. It’s published every morning and takes 20 minutes, which is exactly what it takes for me to walk from my home to the office. It’s a great way to start the day with an update on whats happening around the world.

Lærke, Finance assistant: I don’t listen to podcasts that much, but if I do, it’s one of these: “Anything goes”, “Meta & Fysikken” and “The Daily”. I mostly use podcasts as background noise when doing other stuff, and primarily pick episodes that are fit for my short attention span but also discussing topics I find interesting.

Helene, PR, Social & Content Senior Executive: “Alex & Sigge’s podcast”, they are funny and cover current events and phenomena – the podcast always feels very current, and at the same time humorous.

Helle, Lifestyle PR, Social & Content Director: Unfortunately, I can’t listen to podcasts while working, since 95% of my job is to read or write – and it’s just too much of a distraction to listen to someone speaking. But I love a walk in the woods after work with “Genstart” in my headset. It gives a useful deep-dive into selected current events. Another favorite is “Adfærd”, which always teaches me something new on the area behavioral psychology. Really interesting and so well-produced!


Dennis, Senior insights & data Executive: Pad and pen. I take most notes by hand and then type them into OneNote a day or two later. It may seem like duplication, but the reasoning behind it is simple; by writing by hand, the notes are remembered better and by writing them cleanly in OneNote, I get an additional opportunity to reflect on the notes.

Christina, Travel PR, Social & Content Director: Hmmm coffee and croissants. And pen and paper so I can write things down BY HAND.

Lærke, Finance assistant: Always an updated ToDo-list + a pink highlighter for ticking off completed tasks. Chapstick and hairclip. Calculator (necessity) and a disco ball to look at (weird obsession).

Lærke’s desk

Helene, PR, Social & Content Senior Executive: Coffee!! All the way.

Helle, Lifestyle PR, Social & Content Director: A glass of water + a cup of hot coffee with milk is mandatory on my desk, just like a great noise-cancelling headset and an HD webcam for all my online meetings. At my home office, Logitech’s all-in-one docking station Logi Dock has become my new best buddy. It works both as a speaker, USB- and USB-C port, conference call notifier and cable collector. Never before has my desk been this tidy – I highly recommend.

Helene’s desk