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Strengthening our focus on insight and innovation

Strengthening our focus on insight and innovation

Lots of things are happening at Related. We got a new look, hired a new data specialist, and established an innovation department. This means we now have even better competencies to handle exciting projects for our clients.


Noticed that we look different? That’s right, we got a whole new look!

We’ve been working on this for quite some time. But then we were entrusted a lot of exciting projects for existing and new clients which demanded our attention.

But now we can finally reveal the “new” Related – which is still the Related you know, just in an upgraded version!


Our new logo and visual identity are part of a bigger strategic focus aiming to make Related even stronger moving forward.


– The past 15 years, we have developed from being a classic PR-agency to a full-service agency with a solid position in the market. And now we have conceptualized our way of working into what we call the 3 i’s: insight, innovate, impact, explains Henrik Koch, CEO and owner of Related.


Insights and data will ensure effective campaigns

Even though it is new for us to talk about the 3 i’s as a defined concept, it is not new for us to work with insights and data as the first step in every project we do.


– Insight and data have been important parts of our work and methodology the past many years. The two are essential for us to create the most effective strategies, plans and campaigns for our travel and lifestyle clients. In 2014, we launched what is now known as Travellyze. Travellyze is a representative market survey of the Nordic travelers’ preferences and behaviors, and their attitude towards 137 destinations. We now take this one step further by hiring a data specialist, says Henrik Koch.


Our new Senior Insight & Data Executive, Dennis Grauslund, will strengthen our competencies within this area and ensure that we have an even more solid foundation for the activities we do for our clients, he states.


Dennis Grauslund holds a Master’s Degree in Tourism and has 6 years of experience of working with data within the tourism industry. Most recently, he held a position as senior lecturer and project manager at University College of Northern Denmark, where he has conducted various mixed methods research projects within the field of tourism.


– Dennis comes with a great amount of experience in gathering, analyzing and interpreting data within the tourism industry and at the same time he also has expertise in communicating the results to stakeholders in the best possible manner, says Henrik Koch.


Won’t do the same as last year

Related has also established an innovation department with a CTO, a development manager, a developer and two project managers.


– We love synergies, effectiveness, and a high ROI – but we also love new ideas, untraditional ways of doing things as well as taking chances. With an innovation team and a defined innovation process, we will ensure that we don’t do things the same way we did last year – for each individual client. On top of that, we’re working on new products and services, like for example a live shopping concept and a new app, Henrik Koch explains.


Securing even better ROI

The increased focus on insights and innovation will result in even more impactful campaigns and activities for our clients, which counts leading destinations and brands all over the world.


– Our new firmly defined strategy will ensure that we constantly reach the right target group with the right message at the right time. This way, we can create the most effective impact for each individual client, and the best possible ROI, Henrik Koch concludes.