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How to Succeed with Influencer Marketing in the Nordics



Looking for a guide on how to work with influencers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark? Then look no further!


We’ve distilled our many years of experience and the result is a whitepaper comprising 20 pages with our very best advice, tips and tricks, which we hope you’ll find useful and inspiring. 


And we’re giving it to you – completely free of charge!


You’ll learn about:


  • How Swedish mega influencers differ from their counterparts in the rest of the Nordic countries
  • Why you should avoid micromanaging
  • The difference between “creators” and “celebrities”
  • Current trends to be aware of – like “defluencing” and the “TikTok-effect”
  • Examples of succesful influencer projects we’ve done – for your inspiration
  • …and much more


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