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Team member doing next level remote working

Team member doing next level remote working

Soon, Nanna will pack her backpack and laptop and leave our office in Aarhus – to go explore the world for a few months.

Being a flexible workplace, we encourage our employees to make proactive decisions on how their dreams and goals in their private and professional lives can be aligned in the best possible way.

For our PR, Social & Content Executive Nanna Frederiksen this means that she will soon leave the Aarhus office for a few months – to follow her wanderlust, meet new cultures and create new unforgettable memories.

From September 1st, Nanna will therefore be working abroad. So far, her itinerary starts with Bali, from where she will travel around Asia – until she returns in Aarhus around Christmas.

We are extremely happy and proud of Nanna for taking this opportunity in life, and of course we can’t do anything but support this dream! As we have learned the past years, remote working is the new normal – for shorter or longer periods of time.

In the day-to-day work, this means that Nanna will be working part-time for the coming months. She will still very much be part of ream Related, mainly assisting with copywriting of press releases, newsletters, etc.

We can’t wait to follow Nanna’s journey and hear all about her adventures upon her return to Denmark!