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Fun influencer campaign using AR to highlight heritage

Fun influencer campaign using AR to highlight heritage

Recently, we assisted our client Mutti in a fun campaign that indirectly links our two business areas – lifestyle and destination branding – in a beautiful way. Mutti’s “virtual door” project highlights a real-life destination (Parma in Italy) and connects it with Mutti’s tomato product, in a way that creates focus on the brand’s heritage and origins. 

The project links the sensory experience of visiting a tomato field in Parma with actually using the products at home – through an AR-experience, namely a “virtual door” developed by Mutti. 

We can’t take credit for that brilliant idea, but we did coordinate a very successful influencer campaign on behalf of Mutti, aimed at educating consumers on Mutti’s origins and history, in part via the virtual door. The influencers we engaged created some very versatile and fun content to explain the concept in their own way, and we absolutely love it!

Read the entire case here to see the results.