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Journalists exploring Flanders by bike

Journalists exploring Flanders by bike

With the nice Spring weather, many start longing for outdoor experiences and weekend-getaways.

Therefore, we invited a group of Scandinavian journalists to Visitflanders / Flanders in Northern Belgium to experience the destination by bike – a transport type which is very popular in the country also known as the home of cycling culture. The journalists got a bike tour around the city of Leuven, from where they biked on parts of the Art Cities Route to historic Mechelen. They also biked through parts of the Limburg region, where they got to experience the beautiful nature in Hoge Kempen National Park. Along the way they explored several culinary hotspots. And of course, no trip to Belgium is complete without beer – so they also visited a Belgian brewery.

The journalists returned back home with lots of inspiration and story ideas, and we can’t wait to read about their experiences in leading magazines and newspapers across Scandinavia!