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Gap year market analysis for the Philippines

Gap year market analysis for the Philippines

Philippine Department of Tourism appointed Related to conduct an extensive research and data project on gap year travelers.

The aim of the project was to uncover potential among Scandinavian gap year travelers and to developing products and programs suited for this segment.

The project contained a range of survey methods including desk research, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and a fam trip; involving both the Nordic and the Philippine tourism industry to find and unfold potentials for growth.

7.000 islands
The Philippines is rich in natural resources and friendly smiles. The country consists of more than 7.000 islands with amazing beaches, world class diving, heartwarming locals, colorful festivals, breathtaking mountains and fascinating culture.

This makes the destination ideal for island hopping and for longer trips with time for both relaxation and active experiences. Not to mention the many opportunities to engage with the locals either through volunteer work or different courses.

Here, everybody is welcome to be part of the fun.

Significant potential for the Philippines
Both our quantitative insights and desk research shed light on what Scandinavian gap year travellers are intrigued by in general. Here, it is clear that many aspects of a gap year trip, such as nature and outdoor experiences or safety and security, can be delivered by the Philippines as a destination.

Furthermore, our qualitative insights confirmed the quantitative insights, as the tour operators to a great extent found the Philippines to be a unique destination that they had great expectations for in the years to come, especially for older gap year travellers who are more experienced.

Another clear strength is that our survey amongst gap year travellers shows a match between what they want during their gap year trip and what they thought the Philippines could offer as a destination.

The gap year travellers have the desire to travel for nature and outdoor experiences, food experiences as well as to meet new people. Additionally, gap year travellers often seek out cultural experiences.

Recommendations for next steps

Our survey also shed light on the areas where the Philippines and PDOT could improve, both within product development and communication efforts.

The report was followed up with marketing and branding recommendations which we are now looking forward to making come alive, to position the Philippines as the ideal gap year destination; through PR, trade, marketing and events.