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Broadcast campaign with the northman for Tourism Ireland

Broadcast campaign with the northman for Tourism Ireland

Together with leading cinemas in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we did a campaing around the premiere of The Northman, a viking movie filmed in Ireland – with impressive results.

In April 2022, the epic viking drama The Northman had its world premiere. A great part of the movie has been shot in Ireland and Northern Ireland – so it was natural for us to reach out to the distributors and cinemas in the Nordic countries, to set up a partnership with Tourism Ireland.



Credit: Aidan Monaghan / © 2022 Focus Features, LLC

To shine light on Ireland’s amazing landscapes, Related initiated and coordinated the following activities in relation to the movie premiere – on behalf of Tourism Ireland:

  1. We did social media and newsletter campaigns with the leading cinemas in Norway (Nordisk Film Kino), Denmark (Nordisk Film Biografer) and Sweden (Filmstaden). Here, the cinemas’ followers got the chance to win a trip to Ireland in the footsteps of The Northman – sponsored by Tourism Ireland, and with flights sponsored by Norwegian Airlines in Denmark and Norway (to promote direct routes). The social media content had a total reach of over 400,000. The competition was also promoted in the cinemas’ newsletters, reaching over 700,000 recipients.
  2. We also hosted a small group of Swedish media – including celebrities and travel journalists – on a gala night in Stockholm, organized by the distributor.
  3. We did a press release in all four countries about the movie – resulting in media coverage as well as requests from leading morning tv in Norway.
  4. We gave away cinema tickets to our media contacts across the four Nordic countries; sponsored by the distributor.



Credit: Aidan Monaghan / © 2022 Focus Features, LLC

Ideal landscape for Viking tales

The Northman is filmed with Ireland’s dramatic landscape with magnificent surroundings

as backdrops, including in Antrim and Down in Northern Ireland and Donegal and Sligo in Ireland. And if you want to see where the “Icelandic” Viking village in the film is in reality, you should head up to the top of the dramatic cliff Torr Head, which is located next to Antrim’s beautiful coastline.

See the Danish Facebook post about the competition – with 12,000 comments – here: