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Our 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey and NPS-score – Here are the Results!

Our 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey and NPS-score – Here are the Results!

At Related, we always strive to improve and be the best at what we do. We’re nothing without our clients, and it is completely essential to us that they are happy with our work. First step in finding out – and gaining insights on how we can improve – is of course to go to the source itself; our clients.

In 2021 we conducted a survey among our clients to gauge their opinions and experiences from working with us. The survey was shared with both our tourism- and tech & lifestyle clients, to gain a broad understanding of how satisfied they are and where we can do better. We asked them questions about everything from our level of competence to results, creativity and general collaboration to gain a holistic understanding of the entire collaboration process, from initial contact to project closure.

86% “promoters” among our clients

Overall, the results of the survey showed that our clients are very pleased indeed. 86% of the participants’ Net Promoter Score was 9-10, thus ranking them as “Promoters”. 75% ranked us with the absolute topscore 10 when we asked if they would recommend us to others. We are of course more than happy with these results and humbled by the fact that our clients feel the same way about us as we feel about them.

For us, long-term relationships are highly important. Among our clients, more than one in four (28%) have been with us for 5 years or more, and 54% have been our clients for 3 years or more. Hopefully, this is the result of our efforts to grow and maintain strong relationships with our clients, in order to truly become a trusted partner – not just their agency.

High service and competency levels – and creative strategies

Allow us to boast a bit: As much as 90% of our clients rate us at a 9 or higher when it comes to service level, 75% give the same rating for competence level, and 95% for keeping deadlines. In addition, 95% rate us 8 or higher on producing solid plans and strategies, and 85% rate us at the same level for our knowledge in thinking outside the box and developing creative strategies.

Here’s what some of our clients think:

“It has been a pleasure working with you all this time. Despite the current circumstances [corona pandemic] you have always been there to help us with the promotion of our island with great ideas and updated information on the situation. We hope to work again with you soon.”

 “The entire team at Related have helped us better understand our consumers, and how we can tap into their mindset and eventually lead to a conversion in visitation. They are very experienced, and have always gone above and beyond what was asked.”

 I have a very good collaboration with Helle. High service level and useful input. In terms of pricing – I have not benchmarked recently. For me it is important that Helle understands our industry also when interviewing our members

 I really love working with you, guys! I’m personally working together a lot with Christina, and also with Hanna. It’s really great! 🙂 Thanks a lot!! Tusind tak!!