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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Another year has passed, and we are slowly wrapping up for the holidays.

2021 has been a year with both ups and downs, both here at Related, in the travel industry and in the whole world.

But while it has been a(nother) year with unforeseen challenges and unexpected happenings, it was also a year of growth and development.

We have hired three new fulltime employees the past half year and spent some time fine-tuning our organizational structure and processes even more. And now our team is stronger and more competent than ever before – and ready to take on all the different tasks and projects waiting for us after New Year’s!

Last year we donated our Christmas gift budget to UNICEF, earmarked for vaccines for vulnerable children.

This year, we have decided to buy a Christmas gift which is in fact for all of us – and support another important cause, making sure that also the future generations can explore and enjoy our beautiful world and its natural environments: We have donated our Christmas gift budget to Plastic Change, a Danish NGO working together with 1,800 international environmental organizations. And the goal is clear: A world without plastic pollution, which is currently a big threat to natural and marine environments and ecosystems.

However, if you’d like to receive a tiny little specialty from the Nordics, the Danish gourmet licorice brand Lakrids by Bülow has launched a cool campaign where they aim to convince the world to love licorice by sending a free licorice sample to everyone who signs up. We don’t have anything to do with the campaign (unfortunately) – we just think it’s a great and funny idea!

Our offices will be closed from December 23 to January 2 (both days included), but in very urgent matters, you can reach out to Henrik Koch at

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!