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Art exhibition launch created awareness of Mutti’s sustainable efforts

Art exhibition launch created awareness of Mutti’s sustainable efforts

Italian tomato producer Mutti wanted to launch their new virtual art exhibition, which is displaying art projects made out of upcycled Mutti packaging. The aim was to create awareness about the brand’s extensive efforts in sustainable farming and packaging.

To promote the art exhibition, we teamed up with a creative DIY influencer in each of the Nordic countries, inviting them to make three upcycled artworks of their own out of Mutti tin cans, lids and aluminum tubes. Two of the influencers then participated in influencer and press events in Stockholm and Oslo, respectively, hosted at the Italian embassies of the respective countries. As DIY experts they led a creative workshop, where all participants produced upcycled works of their own, inspired by the DIY influencers’ artworks and the virtual art exhibition pieces.

Mutti presented their sustainability approach, and a delicious buffet was prepared by Mutti’s own chef to let the participants taste the high quality of Mutti’s tomato products. The Italian embassies were chosen as location to reinforce the Italian atmosphere.

Apart from strengthening relations with key influencer and media profiles, spreading the word about Mutt’s sustainability effort and gaining awareness of the art exhibition, we gained a total of 98 organic and unpaid Instagram posts and stories and 1 blogpost. The estimated potential number of impressions was close to 3 million.

After the events, the three local DIY influencers shared their upcycled art projects on their channels as well as a link to the virtual art exhibition as a creative source of inspiration. The posts received great engagement with an engagement rate of 3.95%. The posts also helped drive consumer traffic to the virtual art exhibition.