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Broadcast and influencer partnership focusing on gastronomy

Broadcast and influencer partnership focusing on gastronomy

To increase awareness of Flanders among Scandinavian foodies, Related initiated a partnership with the food influencers Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr. They are based in Copenhagen but Anders is Norwegian and Kaitlin is American.

They make culinary travel guides all over the world and also have their own foodie community/subscription club. Further, they have a blog – and the couple has 44,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel which is also focused on culinary experiences.

Around 60% of Anders’ 93,100 followers and Kaitlin’s 142,000 followers are Scandinavian. The majority of their followers are age 25-34, about 50/50 men and women.

The couple frequently does TV programs for the Norwegian TV channel Matkanalen, which can be seen both on linear TV and on demand by 75-80% of all households in Norway.

Relating to the 50 Best event in Antwerp, Anders and Kaitlin will do a TV program about fine dining food experiences in Flanders. The episodes will also feature more general city descriptions of Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. They will do 3 episodes which will be broadcasted both on YouTube and on Matkanalen. Expected reach on Matkanalen is 600,000 and on YouTube, the average is 60,000 views per video.

They will also share the videos on their blog and their social media channels, reaching a total audience of 350,000 foodies.