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A week at Related

A week at Related

With a lot of different clients and projects, a week at Related is rarely the same. Here’s a sneak peek on some of the projects we’re working on this week.

We’ve been preparing a virtual event on Arabic coffee culture on behalf of Dubai Tourism. The purpose of the event is to teach both media and trade contacts about rituals and stories related to Dubai’s coffee culture, e.g. the spices in Arabic coffee or how to hold the cup when getting the coffee served. Besides the invitation process, we have also been busy testing the virtual setup and packing gift boxes with Arabic coffee, dates and traditional gahwa cups. The virtual event will take place Tuesday next week.

We’re also producing a lot of text and content this week, including a native article on Logitech’s new whiteboard camera Scribe aimed at the education sector and a number of articles for OptikTeam’s upcoming trade fair magazine. Themes for the magazine are ranging from Instagram as a marketing channel to a new type of contact lenses. Not to mention several press releases for the Maldives, Dubai, etc.

No week without cake! Our colleague Lisa, who is on maternity leave, came to visit this week at the Aarhus office to catch up – bringing a tasty strawberry cake.

Since travel advisories are gradually relaxed in Denmark and Sweden, we have also started planning the first press trips again. We are very excited to finally be able to send out journalists to explore the world again!

This Friday, three Danish and Swedish journalists will departure to Mallorca on a press trip to Castell Son Claret. The press trip is organized in partnership with both the tourist board in Mallorca and the hotel Castell Son Claret, both of which are on our client list.

Further, we are currently planning a few individual press trips to Malta and Portugal for selected tier 1 newspapers, and the first trip takes place in the coming week.

We have also initiated the dialogue with several media and journalists regarding future press visits for other clients, to be ready as soon as travel advisories to the other destinations are eased; also in Norway and Finland.

Not to mention the different content coops and native partnerships we’re negotiating, planning and coordinating on behalf of different clients – with the next one launching next week. Stay tuned!

On the trade side, we’re planning both webinars and trade events on behalf of different clients such as Dubai, Japan and Great American West.

During the week, we also have a lot of different meetings both internally and with clients – for example the Maldives team had their monthly PR-meeting while we’ve also had coordination meetings with other clients and exciting newbizz meetings with potential new clients.