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Podcast partnership for Logitech VC

Podcast partnership for Logitech VC

In a podcast series sponsored by our client Logitech VC, a range of Danish experts explore how our digital working life has changed the past year; and how it will be in the future.

During the past year, the pandemic has accelerated a range of mega trends which had already started transforming our working life before corona. Our office is becoming increasingly digital, and we’re hosting and attending digital meetings and conferences like never before.

Working from home is becoming the new normal – and it seems as if remote working, flexible work hours and digital meetings will be a big part of our future working life.

Aim to position Logitech as thought leader
Logitech VC is one of the world’s leadings manufacturers of equipment for companies’ digital meetings and video collaborations, including large-scale conference systems, speakers, and headsets.

To position our client Logitech VC as thought leaders within digital workspaces, we initiated a partnership with Danish tech media Elektronista, involving a series of podcasts about the future of the digital workspace.

Elektronista is an online media and podcast by Christiane Vejlø, one of Denmark’s leading experts within digital transformation and the relationship between technology and humans.

Boost your digital working life
In each episode Christiane Vejlø invites different experts to share their thoughts about how our working life will be transformed in the coming years and give their best tips on working from home – from a speaker and author of the book “The Skype is the limit” to futurists and trend experts. One episode also involves B2B Marketing Manager for Logitech Video Collaborations, Sune Green.

All episodes in the podcast series named “Boost your digital working life” can be found online here – where the main points are also summed up in four written articles about the future of digital workspaces.

The complete series are sponsored by our client Logitech VC and the partnership was initiated and coordinated by Related.