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Christmas greetings to Blue Microphones influencer team

Christmas greetings to Blue Microphones influencer team

In December, we created a personalized Christmas greeting to members of our Blue Crew team.  

We are now back from Christmas holidays and wrapping up on the year 2020. Among one of the cool activities we did in December, which turned out to be a great success, was a special Christmas greeting to the members of our selected Blue Crew team.

The greeting was a mean of showing our appreciation and strengthen the relationship between Blue Microphones and the Blue Crew members. It included a luxury chocolate calendar – with blue packaging of course, and as a more fun and playful feature, we also personalized a LEGO figure for each influencer; customized to their individual features and interests. The 12 greetings were wrapped as presents with blue ribbons and a handwritten personal greeting from Blue and sent to the influencers during December.

In total, the activity resulted in 14 cuttings and a total reach of 767,276 across the Nordics. The influencers were not paid for their posts, the only costs were for the chocolate, LEGO figurines, wrapping and postage. 723 people were reached per euro spent, and the main aim of strengthening the bond to the Blue Crew members was successfully achieved.

Photo credit: thisismerete.