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Our 2020 in numbers

Our 2020 in numbers

The year is soon coming to an end, and 2020 has definitely been a lot more different than expected. Learn more about the year in Related here.

With 2020 coming to an end, it is natural to look back and evaluate on the year that has passed. How did it go? What can we learn? One thing is sure: 2020 didn’t turn out quite as we had hoped for.

However, we have still been able to continue our daily work for our many clients – just in another way than usual.

(Psst… Read more about how to do PR during a pandemic here.

Below, we’ve summarized Related’s 2020 in numbers.

As this is our last blogpost of 2020, we’ll also take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

279 press releases
We have sent out a total of 279 press releases for our many different clients.

16 press and influencer trips
Press and influencer trips is usually a core part of our yearly activities, but for obvious reasons we have not been able to organize many of these in 2020. However, we have still organized a total of 16 press and influencer trips throughout the year – when travel advisories have allowed it.

3 group FAM trips
As with the above, the ability to do FAM trips have also been affected by the corona situation. We have, however, still organized a total of 3 smaller group FAM trips for tour operators and travel agencies this year – in early 2020 and during the summer months, where things were stable for a while.

12 events
Due to the current ban on gatherings, events have also been highly influenced by the corona situation. In January and February before the pandemic broke out, we, however, managed to arrange and attend a total of 12 events.

312 product samples
During 2020 we have sent out a total of 312 products (gadgets, earphones, and microphones) for test and review. This number is distributed among 5 tech clients.

10 webinars and online press events
As it hasn’t been possible to meet in person, webinar and online events have become a new normal. During the past year, we’ve hosted a total of 7 webinars and online events for tour operators and travel trade professionals plus 3 online press events on behalf of our clients.