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Rethinking clients’ Christmas gifts

Rethinking clients’ Christmas gifts

Normally, we’ll send our clients a box of chocolates and a personal Christmas card. However, this year we decided to donate the money to UNICEF instead, earmarked for corona vaccines.

This year has been tough; not only for the travel industry, but for the whole world in general.

With many things being completely different than usual, we decided to rethink the Christmas greetings we send to our clients.

Instead of buying the usual Christmas cards and boxes of chocolate to ship around the world, as we usually do, we have this year decided to donate our gift budget to UNICEF, earmarked for corona vaccines for vulnerable children around the world.

This also means, that the only Christmas gift our clients will receive from us this year is an “Elf Yourself”-video with our employees dressed in Elf costumes while dancing around to Christmas songs (which will most likely be the first and last time ever that they get to see our CEO Henrik Koch dance…).

We hope the video will bring a smile to their faces in these challenging times.

Wishing all of our clients and partners Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!