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What a week at Related looks like

What a week at Related looks like

Have you ever wondered how a week at Related can look? Below are a few snapshots giving you an idea of what we’ve been up to the past week.

The week started off with Helene attending the annual meeting of ANTOR in Sweden on behalf of our client Visit Malta. Helene is one of the board members, and the meeting focused on activities completed within the association during 2020 and a future look ahead of 2021. As the majority of this year’s meetings, it also tool place online.

As a lot of other companies around the world, we’ve adapted to the new situation and introduced more days in the home office. Luckily, this also means that you can spice up your work day with All I Want For Christmas on replay – and no colleagues to complain. Add warming Indian dhal for lunch and hot chocolate and Christmas candy for dessert. Christina understands getting the best out of the situation, right?

Anne-Sofie spends a lot of time wrapping up and sending product samples to media and influencers, and this week was no exception. This week’s enormous amount of packaging consisted of personalized Christmas greetings to members of our Blue Crew team – a group consisting of 12 Nordic gaming and lifestyle influencers gathered on behalf of our client Blue Microphones.

When you can’t be there in person for a farewell reception, a super sweet kit like this, sure is a nice consolation! A great contact at our client OptikTeam is going on retirement and had invited Helle to a virtual reception. We love the idea of sending a bottle of champagne and some sweets in advance, so that Helle could enjoy a glass together with all the other attendees during the event. The idea is yours to take!

Camilla is also working from home and has tried to bring in some Christmas coziness in her setup. This week, she has spent some time finalizing a Brand Assessment Report for the Austrian National Tourist Office on the Nordic market. The report uses data from our market intelligence platform Travellyze and presents the data in a graphic and visual way with bars, tables and images.

On Friday, Helene has prepared the finest chocolates for delivery to some of our key trade partners on behalf our client Visit Flanders. When we cannot meet in person due to the current corona restrictions, we always have some Belgian chocolate from Flanders in store to brighten up the day.