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Current social media trends

Current social media trends

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. Consequently, it is today an important part of every brand’s communication and branding strategy. Here’s an overview of some of the recent social media trends and tendencies we’ve seen in the Nordic market.

Did you know that Facebook is the most popular social media in the Nordics? Actually, an average of 3,9 million* Nordic people use Facebook daily! When it comes to Instagram, which is the runner-up, an average of 2,7 million* Nordic consumers are users of this social media.

Below is an overview of some of the trends and tendencies we’ve noticed on both Facebook and Instagram in the Nordic market in recent months.

#1 Lockdown trends
Not surprisingly, we have of course seen several new content types and communities related to the pandemic. This includes virtual book clubs and tons of virtual events; from cooking classes and movie nights to yoga and virtual reality travel experiences. The lockdown thus left us to the mercy of social media to ensure physical distancing even while keeping emotionally connected.

#2 Community building
Surveys show, that social media users are more likely to engage with valuable content directly talking to them. Therefore, it is important for marketers to focus on quality content and find out exactly what the target group wants – and then aim to meet this demand. Having success on social media is no longer mainly about quantity and amount of followers – but instead increasingly focusing on finding “common ground” as well as common interests and values. This is a trend that was especially evident during lockdown, where online communities became more important than ever.

#3 Micro influencers
The next trend is in line with above and concerns the increasing use of micro influencers. This type of influencer is becoming increasingly popular as they usually have a closer relationship with their followers and therefore can support community building. They are often seen as even more trustworthy than bigger influencers and celebrities who often, although they are inspiring their followers in their consumer behavior, often have a more different lifestyle than their followers. But micro influencers are often exactly like you and me.

#4 Instagram stories
While Instagram posts have so far been #1 and Stories #2, it seems as if Instagram stories have become an integral part of Instagram –  and we see that more and more brands as well as influencers prioritize making well-produced quality content for their Instagram stories. This might have to do with the algorithm, making it more difficult to appear in people’s fee with ordinary posts – and might also be a result of the numerous stories users are exposed to: You need to deliver high quality to stand out and keep loyal followers!

#5 Video content
You’ve probably heard it before, but video content is becoming increasingly popular and important. Actually, it is today one of the most engaging forms of social media content. Whether it is shorter videos like on TikTok or the new Instagram Reels OR longer videos as on YouTube, we believe videos will continue to play an important role.

*Source: Digital reports (SE, DK, NO, FI) from Datareportal