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Launching Travellyze: the leading traveler intelligence portfolio

Launching Travellyze: the leading traveler intelligence portfolio

Related is excited to officially launch the new global market intelligence company Travellyze – specialized in the travel industry.

Global travel patterns are undergoing significant changes these years, and the need for insights about tourists’ travel behavior is greater than ever. Therefore, we are happy finally to announce the launch of Travellyze – a global analysis company specializing in market intelligence insights and reports for the travel industry.

Based on an enormous demand for analysis products, Travellyze holds a portfolio of research and data products and services exclusively serving the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. Travellyze is based on a yearly comprehensive survey and a unique algorithm that enable tourist destinations and other actors in the travel industry to gain relevant insight into tourists’ travel behavior and preferences. The concept also allows benchmarking of more than 100 different tourist destinations enabling destinations to benchmark against competitors.

Tailor-made reports on specific audiences
Travellyze offers the opportunity to create tailor-made reports on tourists’ travel behavior and preferences as well as their perception of one or more destinations. All data can be combined and crossed, which gives almost endless possibilities to customize reports and find exactly the insights you need. You can for example gain insights about where your target audience finds travel inspiration, how they prefer to book, which factors are of importance when choosing a destination and how big their travel budgets are. This data can either cover an entire market to get a general overview or it can be further segmented based on for example geography, age group, level of education or income.

Based on an actual need
In contrast to other analysis companies on the market, Travellyze is created specifically for the travel industry and based on the actual needs of the destinations and other actors.

– In recent years, destination marketers have been able to use insights from the vast amount of data generated every second since travel distribution transitioned online. We already use a number of sophisticated tools to analyze big travel data. However, most of these solutions start with the data itself and someone thinking how to monetize what is often a byproduct of online travel. Travellyze is so relevant for destinations because it was born, not from the data, but from a real need. Our travel and tourism clients didn’t need more data, they needed a tool, or a concept capable of crossing demographic, perception, behavioral data to answer specific questions as simple as “where should I be focusing my marketing efforts?” or “what are my clients really thinking?”, explains Chris Pomeroy, owner of Interface Tourism Spain, that has developed marketing strategies for tourism brands and destinations for more than 30 years and is among the agencies that now use Travellyze.  

So far, the Travellyze concept has already been sold to nine markets in addition to the Nordic region including the UK and Germany, and the expectation is to be operating in 25 markets next year – and in the world’s 50 largest outbound markets by 2025.

If you want to hear more about Travellyze and get a free demonstration, you can contact Henrik Koch at See more at