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Global survey reveals confidence in destination health certifications

Global survey reveals confidence in destination health certifications

A new global survey reveals that destination health certifications inspire confidence among travel advisors and their clients.

In collaboration with our international travel marketing alliance Travel Consul, Related has recently participated in a global survey investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry. The survey has especially gathered new insights related to health certifications, travelers’ preferences, and international advance bookings.

Importance of destination health certifications
Results from the survey indicate that introducing health- and safety certifications is the most important action that destination organizations can do. When asked what the main client considerations are when choosing a destination, the answer is health and safety certifications (74%). Destination country government management of the pandemic and price rank second and third.

Top travel preferences: solo travel and hotels
The survey further revealed an increasing interest in three ways of travelling. Clients especially show an increasing interest in solo travel (66%). Besides that, hotels and resorts (64%) and all-inclusive resorts (60%) are also among the top travelers’ preferences.

International advance bookings
Finally, the survey results indicate that clients are either waiting to decide when to travel (48%) or booking an international trip less than a month in advance (21%). Last minute bookings are especially becoming more prominent for European travelers compared to North American clients, who are likely to book a holiday 7-12 months before departure.

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