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Creative helps you work, learn and play from home

Creative helps you work, learn and play from home

With remote working on the rise, great sound at the home office has never been more important. As part of their current Work, Learn, Play from home-campaign, today, our client Creative Technology are launching the pc speakers Pebble V3, which are not only a nice-looking addition to every desk, they will also seriously improve the sound of your digital meetings.

In recent months, remote working has become an everyday reality for many employees, and this sets requirements for home office setups and the growing popularity of video meetings. Being the long-standing audio experts they are, our client Creative Technologies always seeks to promote good sound, and currently their focus is on helping us all create efficient home offices.

New elegant pc speakers
The new Pebble V3 USB-C speakers have the same minimalistic and elegant design as the previous speakers, but the V3 version comes with enhanced sound features as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which makes the speakers perfect for today’s many home offices and digital meetings.

Work, learn, and play remotely
The Pebble V3 speakers are only one in a long line of new launches for the home office that Creative are releasing this fall as part of their Learn, Work, Play from home-campaign. Creative has designed a series of portable, innovative, lightweight, and comfortable products that will allow one to raise productivity, both when working, learning and playing from home.

Find more information about both Pebble V3 and other recent launches that will upgrade your home office setup right here