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New market intelligence project for Andalucia

New market intelligence project for Andalucia

Related has recently been appointed to assist Andalucia Tourist Community with market intelligence services in the Nordic markets. The aim is to gather insights about the destination’s awareness as well as the Nordic travelers’ perception and experience of Andalucia – to present an updated traveler profile of Andalucia’s target group(s) in the Nordics. As part of the market intelligence report, Related will also present recommendations for future marketing activities based on insights from the survey.

The data is gathered as part of Related’s yearly market intelligence survey, which is based on a representative cross-section of Nordic citizens. The data includes geographic and demographic characteristics of Andalucia travelers as well as their booking- and travel preferences.

Furthermore, this year’s survey also includes questions about how COVID-19 has affected and will affect people’s travel behavior.

All data will be presented for both those showing interest in Andalucia AND those showing interest in Spain – to compare differences and similarities.

Market leading travel intelligence concept

Related has been collecting data about the Nordic outbound travel market since 2014. This year, we have developed our own unique market leading travel intelligence concept called Travellyze. Travellyze is a unique online, easy-accessible interface allowing to tailor-make over 10,000 different reports with cross function-possibilities across markets, segments, travel behavior and destinations.

This means that we can easily combine the Andalucia data from this years’ survey with recent years’ data about Spain and Andalucia’s competitors – to point out emerging trends and tendencies.

This year, we have also rolled out our tailormade survey on nine additional markets (including e.g. Spain, Holland, France, Italy, UK).

To learn more about our surveys and market intelligence products and services, please contact Henrik Koch at