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5 lessons learned from remote working during the pandemic

5 lessons learned from remote working during the pandemic

In recent months, remote work has gone from an occasional possibility to an everyday reality for many employees. A new eBook from the tech-brand Logitech suggests that organizations should not see the explosive growth of remote work as a temporary blip, but rather as the beginning of a more significant post-pandemic trend.

The eBook presents 5 lessons learned from remote working during the pandemic based on an in-depth study exploring global working habits before, during and after the pandemic conducted by the Remote Work Association. It also provides useful insights that can help organizations prepare for the future of remote work.

The eBook concludes, among other things, that remote work is here to stay, and 28% plan to work from home to some extent after the pandemic. Not only does this signal a shift in attitudes towards remote working – it also means that significant adjustments need to be made at the office. Businesses are also learning that employees working remotely can be just as productive, and the study reveals that 81% of the surveyed participants believe they can perform their jobs effectively from home.

Not surprisingly, video meetings are currently growing in popularity. Before the pandemic, only 4% of meetings were held via the video format, now, that number has increased to 60%. The eBook, however, also concludes that there is still room for improvement in remote work – for instance when it comes to video meeting etiquette and home office setups.

Read the entire eBook here.