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Creative is back

Creative is back

After a brief flirt with another PR agency, the audio brand Creative Labs is back with Related.

Since the 90s, Creative has been world famous for their Sound Blaster sound cards, which set new standards for PC audio when it became popular to build your own computer.

So when Related was appointed Pan-Nordic PR agency for Creative in 2014, the goal was to leverage the brand’s existing heritage, while also repositioning Creative as a lifestyle audio brand with high-quality audio products for general consumers. We’ve been doing exactly that ever since – with only a brief intermission from mid 2018 to October 2019 – and we’re looking forward to continuing that journey.

For Creative, we handle everything from press releases about new products, coordination of media reviews and competitions to invitations and coordination with media in relation to international trade shows (e.g. IFA, Gamescom, CES etc.). In addition to traditional media, we also focus greatly on “new” media, and we are always looking for opportunities with big as well as upcoming influencers.