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Exclusive and sensational event for Costa Brava in Stockholm

Exclusive and sensational event for Costa Brava in Stockholm

To create awareness of Costa Brava in the Nordics, Related coordinated 3 creative events for travel agencies, media and MICE agents in Stockholm.

In April 2019, Related was appointed to organize an event called Tastemotion for Costa Brava in Stockholm. Tastemotion is a new tourist promotion strategy; the format consisted of 3 private events for each 15 guests who were given the opportunity to learn more about the destination and to network with entrepreneurs representing Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees. Of course, there was also time to enjoy a five-course dinner offered by a Michelin Star chef from Costa Brava.

With major experience in arranging events for destinations in the region, and with great local knowledge of the market, Related assisted Costa Brava with venue research and site inspections to identify the ideal venue to match the event requirements. The Tastemotion event took place inside a 3D cube, where the guest enjoyed an extraordinary food experience while watching a slideshow on both the tables and the walls. Via fragrances, taste, sound and visuals, the feeling of actually being in Costa Brava was created.

Related did all the coordinating and booking of the venue and invited travel agents, MICE agents and top media – and secured that each event was full. Related participated in all 3 events and was the point of contact.

The event was a huge success and the attendees really got to learn a lot about Costa Brava in a very creative way.