New team member in Stockholm

By Related

This week, we have welcomed a new team member in our Stockholm office. Lina Ryman is our new Account Assistant and will be part of the Related team for the next four months, as part of her studies at Södertörn University where she currently studies Tourism.

As part of her education she has studied integrated communication and tourism, the history of tourism, sustainable destination management and local community influence, development and management of the tourism business, as well as sociology, media and communication.

Lina has a genuine interest in the environment, sustainable development and ‘alternative’ travel. She recently examined interrail and eco-tourism when writing her bachelor’s thesis.

Lina has traveled a lot all over the world – both as a backpacker, volunteer and as an adventure traveler. Her interests except from traveling are athletics and health, and she enjoys fitness, diving and yoga.

In her time with Related, Lina will assist with different tasks within PR, marketing and travel trade for our clients – including press releases, reporting, project management, fam trips and events.

Lina has experience with both sales and customer service from her previous employments.

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