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Brand partnership with Ecco Shoes to promote hiking in Ireland

Brand partnership with Ecco Shoes to promote hiking in Ireland

In November, Related initiated a brand coop between our client Tourism Ireland in Sweden and the world-famous Scandinavian shoe brand Ecco.

The idea was to shine a spotlight in Ireland’s magnificent outdoor and nature and put it together with Ecco’s well-reputed and comfortable shoes, making the two a perfect match.

Furthermore, Related initiated a collaboration with the leading Swedish hiking blogger Angeliqa who is behind the blog called Vandringsbloggen (“the hiking blog”). Angeliqa has even come up with her own unique expression “hikefulness”: the presence she feels in the outdoors, and her strive for the balance between challenge and recovery.

Before heading off to Ireland – Angeliqa was equipped with ECCO EXOSTRIKE shoes, to get the best and most comfortable hiking experience, as possible. Tourism Ireland arranged a trip for Angeliqa to experience the area of Wicklow, known as the Garden of Ireland. From her way from Dublin to Wicklow, the Swedish blogger took a range of astonishing pictures – not least at the aesthetic cemetery of Wicklow. Her blog even got adorned with pictures of delicious foods and drinks from the ecologic restaurant The Strawberry Tree, based in Wicklow.

Angeliqa also posted pictures from the trip on her Instagram profile.

Ultimately, a few weeks after the blogger’s hiking visit, Tourism Ireland launched a competition giving people the chance to win a trip to Ireland, following in Vandringsbloggen’s footsteps – walking in ECCO EXOSTRIKE shoes.

Pictures are borrowed from Angeliqa.