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Exploring the history and culture of Geneva

Exploring the history and culture of Geneva

In mid-January, Christina and Henrik went to Geneva to meet with our new client Geneva Tourism for whom we are handling PR and trade in the Nordics.

Besides discussing upcoming activities, plans and strategies, they also got time to experience the charming atmosphere of the many neighborhoods, admire the view to the mountains and the lake, enjoy the great both local and fine cuisine and learn more about Geneva’s fascinating history.



Besides being known as the Capital of Peace (35 international and 250 non-governmental organizations are based in Geneva), the city also has a lot of historical, culinary and cultural treasures waiting to be explored. Did you for example know, that Geneva has an area in 18th century Italian style called Carouge – or “Little Greenwich of Geneva” – known for its craftsmen, designers and secret gardens? Or that Geneva’s old town is the largest historic town in Switzerland? Or what about the fact that the city has 140 ethnic restaurants representing 30 nationalities – and 59 Michelin or GaultMillau distinguished gourmet restaurants.

Bonus info: As all visitors in Geneva, Christina and Henrik could enjoy free public transport during the entire stay.