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Is smartphones for senior citizens too?

Is smartphones for senior citizens too?

Yes, definitely – if they are from Doro!

During the past months Related has been working on a research and branding project in collaboration with our client Doro, a familiar face at Related throughout the last 10 years. To create a high level of interactive communication with Doro’s primarily target users – and to secure continuously development regarding the mobile phones’ technological standards and user friendliness – we had five senior citizens test the new smartphone Doro 8040. It wasn’t the first time, any of them had a smartphone in their hand, as they have preciously tested other feature and smartphones for Doro – but the Doro 8040 stole their hearts with its easy to use software, great quality sound, and soft touch design.

In the process, Related created questionnaires for the seniors to fill out to measure the satisfaction level and get feedback on sounds quality, camera, physical buttons, pre-installed apps and much more. The results from this, together with the seniors’ input for new developments, are crucial to Doro who – with their own words – are obsessed with helping seniors live a better life.


Besides the important research documentation, the project brings to the table, it has a great branding effect too. After the testing is done, we use the statements from the test panel seniors on Doro’s Facebook page to brand the product to likeminded and to leverage on the seniors’ feedback to involve the Facebook community to give their feedback as well. An exercise that strongly visualizes Doro’s s interest in their target user’s opinion on their products.