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Nordic podcasters testing Yeti from Blue Microphones

Nordic podcasters testing Yeti from Blue Microphones

Image from Fredesblog:

There is a new trend in town: Podcasts! A great way of keeping yourself educated, informed, or just relaxed while on the go. But what is a podcast worth if the sound is blurred and unclear – not much, to be honest.

Luckily our client Blue Microphones is especially known for their professional studio microphones and USB mics that allow for home audio recording in studio quality. This makes them the perfect podcast microphone. So, we pitched the Yeti mic to a range of bloggers that we knew just started – or was about to launch – a podcast. A session that has resulted in great coverage for the client as well as a personal win for us: The possibility to listen to some of our favorite podcasts including Coffee and Kale, SMART the Podcast, Hverdagsminimalisme, and Add to bag with an impeccable sound image.