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Exclusive cooking event: A taste of Ireland

Exclusive cooking event: A taste of Ireland

We assisted Tourism Ireland with arrangements for an exclusive media cooking event in Copenhagen aiming to give a taste of Ireland.

On the last day of September, our client Tourism Ireland together with Board Bia, the Irish Food Board, hosted a small, exclusive media event in Copenhagen – focusing on Irish food culture and local produce.

The cooking event was inspired by Ireland’s culture and tradition of sustainably produced food and beverages and aimed at giving the attendees a taste of Ireland’s cuisine including original recipes and ingredients. At the event, the well-known Danish TV chef and cookbook author Claus Holm was invited to give a live cookery demonstration and create a taste of Ireland for the attendees to experience.

Related assisted Tourism Ireland with the invitation process for the event, including selection of target invitees, invitation distribution and necessary follow-up. A total of 15 selected journalists and editors attended the cooking event – and left filled with new inspiration and ideas for future Ireland stories and press visits. Some of the journalists even took the opportunity to interview Claus Holm about his favorite places in Ireland.

The event of course followed all necessary restrictions.