What do our interns say about us?


“My internship at Related has, despite the corona pandemic and its impact on the travel industry, provided great insight and hands-on experience with daily life at a PR agency. I have been working with a broad range of tasks including influencers, press releases, social media, research, reporting and much more. The internship has been well-organized, and I will highly recommend an internship at Related anytime.”

Anne-Sofie Thygesen, intern, fall 2020, studying Corporate Communication, AU


“During the 6 months I spent as an Intern at Related, I got to work hands-on with PR, strategic communication, influencer marketing and project management to name a few. It gave me great insights into working at a PR and communication agency and it made me much more certain about what I want to work with, when I graduate. The agency is a perfect place for an internship, if you are looking for challenges and responsibility within PR and communication and I highly recommend it to anyone, who is looking for an ambitious and creative place to do an internship.”

Camilla Bonde Olsen, intern, fall 2019, studying Corporate Communication, AU


“My internship at Related has been a rewarding experience. In just a couple of months, I’ve worked with all kinds of tasks – including copywriting, project coordination, research, translation, social media, and much more. Related has a highly structured internship program, where you’ll be offered the opportunity to take on responsibility and work independently while still being able to get help and advice from the skilled employees. It has been inspiring and exciting to experience the everyday life at a professional and busy PR agency. My internship has led me to discover my true passion for the world of PR and communications.”

Ellen Marie Hvam, intern, spring 2017, studying Communication and Media Strategy, VIA University College Aarhus


“An internship at Related is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with the PR world and life at an agency. In my time as an intern, there have not been two days alike. The work has been a mixture of daily jobs, weeks-long assignments and unexpected tasks. At Related, I got the opportunity to work on bigger projects for both existing and potential clients. This gave me great insight into both the strategic planning behind a campaign and generating new, innovative ideas. In addition to the projects, I wrote newsletters, researched for projects, updated social media, attended events and handled reports. The educational outcome has been very rewarding, and I experienced a work environment that provided constructive feedback, exciting assignments and a great team spirit. I will recommend Related at any time.”

Pia Nørgaard Pedersen, intern, spring 2017, BA in Intercultural Market Communication, CBS.


“My internship at Related has been an exciting and educational time, offering me great insight into the work at a PR agency. The learning curve has been steep, and even though the pace has been high, my colleagues always had time to help and advise me. I was primarily working with Related’s tech clients, where I worked with text production, translations, managing social media, websites, media reporting, event coordination, and much more. As an intern at Related, you are guaranteed a well-organized internship, where many exciting PR and communication tasks await you.”

Louise Vandel, intern, autumn 2016, studying for master’s degree in Media Studies, AU.


“During my time at Related, I had the opportunity to work with event planning for several different clients, defining a brand and developing a big campaign for a Danish tourist project, designing and releasing a comprehensive research report on the Nordic tourists, and creating pitches and offers to potential clients. Alongside the bigger projects, I wrote press releases and newsletters, updated social media, and researched and developed new ideas. During my internship, I experienced a high degree of independence and responsibility, but always with help and advice when I needed it. The internship has been a great opportunity to write something that wasn’t academic papers and get hands-on experience with the PR world and the ‘real’ life. I can only recommend an internship at Related.”

Christina Holm Hansen, intern, spring 2014, studying for master’s degree in Media Studies, AU.


“I was an intern in Related’s tourism department. Throughout my six-month-long internship, I worked with many exciting and challenging tasks. Working with PR and branding for clients in the tourism industry is as diverse as the destinations. Not two days are alike when you work with both domestic and international clients. I gained broad insight into the many aspects of working with PR – both from my time in the office and from a travel show in London, which was a very educational experience. It’s nice to have the opportunity to attend these events, where you really experience the breadth of the PR world.”

Sara Haugaard, intern, autumn 2013, BA in Cooperate Communication with Spanish and Media, studying for master’s degree in Media Studies, AU. 


“My time as an intern at Related gave me the opportunity to get hands-on experience with many different aspects of the PR world and the work at an agency. I handled several different tasks, and not two days were alike. Some days got my pulse racing, as things had to be handled quickly. Related has a lot of experience with internships, and you will feel well taken care of in a structured progress. This is important, as a steep learning curve requires advice and constructive feedback. The office is an unpretentious and nice workplace, where great teamwork is expressed in the everyday office work and team-building events. My time at Related has given me professional experience and made me ready for my debut in the business.

Kathrine Graugaard, intern, autumn 2013, BA in Marketing and Management Communication, studying for master’s degree in Cooperate Communication, AU.


“It’s clear that Related is used to having interns. Things are structured, the training is well-organized, and the expectations are realistic. My six months at Related have given me great insight into the PR and communication business. I had a lot of influence on my own tasks and had the opportunity to try a broad range of PR-related tasks. Good work was rewarded with more responsibility. The cheerful atmosphere and support at the office has made it easier for me to take on this responsibility. I say goodbye to Related with a greater belief in my own abilities and would highly recommend an internship at Related.”

Søren Thomsen, intern, spring 2012, BA in History of Ideas, studying for master’s degree in In-Depth Journalism

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