We provide a number of services within the fields of PR, communications and marketing. These are our primary fortes:

Analysis and Measurement
We do not create any work that we cannot measure the effect of. This applies to everything we do  from collecting press clippings to carrying out our own yearly survey about the Nordic travel market.

We work with the development of brands and the subsequent implementation. All brand developments are based on a thorough analysis, which ensures the ideal position in relation to the product, target group, stakeholders and market trends.

We represent a wide range of clients that don’t have a presence in the Nordics. We make sure that we take local conditions into account, target the right audience, and maintain and enhance relations with the different industry partners.

Public Relations
PR is the core of what we do, and we handle all the classic PR disciplines, such as press office, press releases, press and blogger trips, press meetings, product reviews and media relations.

We handle marketing campaigns – big and small – from the creative strategies to execution and reporting.

Social Media
We advise in the use of social media in marketing and assist in the development of overall strategies, content plans, and producing and posting the specific content.

Content Marketing
We work with all types of content – both copywriting (articles, cases, and web texts) and video as well as photo material – on all sorts of platforms. Both analogue and digital.

Crisis Management
We assist our clients in the planning of crisis management, and we are ready to help if a crisis strikes your company.

We work with the development and execution of events, such as press meetings, blogger events, destination events, and our very own press event for the tech industry, TechBrief.

Media Relations
We know the media and how they operate. We know when and how to get their attention. Our large network of media contacts is what makes the difference.


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