Massive media coverage for French Alps village

Through a few yearly press activities for Samoëns, Related has secured massive Danish media coverage for the French Alps village.

Related was the Danish PR representative for the French Alps village Samoëns. The purpose of the PR activities were to increase awareness of the destination among Danish travelers as well as diversifying the image of the destination, which were mainly seen as a skiing destination – but also offered culinary experiences and cozy atmosphere as well as a range of possibilities for an active holiday during both summer and winter.

To make Danish travelers aware of this, Related wrote and distributed one press release every six months, often focusing on new activities in the coming season or active holiday possibilities in general. Furthermore, Related invited one carefully selected journalist on a press trip every six months – targeting tier 1 print media, such as travel publications in national newspapers as well as lifestyle and women’s magazines.

Despite the relatively small amount of yearly activities, Related secured Samoëns media coverage in Danish media for an advertorial value of EUR 570,000 – all aligned with the key messages and directly linked to the PR activities.

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