Spotlight on Africa roadshow for Kenya Tourism Board

Related initiated a main sponsorship for Kenya Tourism Board at the annual roadshow Spotlight on Africa, securing Kenya massive awareness.

As the Nordic representative for Kenya Tourism Board, Related initiated the main sponsorship of the annual Nordic roadshow Spotlight on Africa. The sponsorship was an activity suggested by Related instead of doing a Kenya-only roadshow – in order to reach a larger audience and number of attendees with less effort. The decision to change the individual roadshow to a sponsorship of a joint event created a higher ROI for the client, since costs where decreased and the number of attendees attending the Spotlight workshop was experienced to be higher than the Kenya-only workshops.

This was the first year such a sponsorship was implemented at Spotlight on Africa, and Related together with the organizer developed a sponsor package suitable for the budget and for the destination.

The result of the sponsorship was massive awareness for Kenya at each workshop: A Kenya area was created at the venue where all Kenyan suppliers were grouped. The area was marked with a branded carpet, large beach flags, and Kenya roll-up displays in addition to the suppliers’ own visuals.

The brand ‘Magical Kenya’ was also introduced by the organizer as the main sponsor of the event, and on top of that, we had the opportunity to give a short presentation to all attendees and to show an image film.

Furthermore, the buffet at each event served Kenyan dishes and a Magical Kenya-branded cake. Included in the partnership was also the sponsoring of bags for each attendant and Kenya-branded lanyards for the visitors’ nametags.

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