VISITFLANDERS partnership with former professional cyclist and Danish champion

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In recent months, we have assisted VISITFLANDERS with initiating and planning a partnership with the former professional cyclist and Danish champion Allan Johansen.

Allan will now, as part of his company called Belgian Cycling Club, develop, promote and sell tailor-made cycling trips to Flanders – which is in many ways the homeland of cycling.

The partnership is a great opportunity for the tourism board to reach Danish cycling enthusiasts through Belgian Cycling Club’s brand and community; and for Belgian Cycling Club, the partnerships give new opportunities to develop even cooler cycling travels.

The partnership is launched with a range of “video podcasts” about Belgian cycling culture, launched prior to Tour of Flanders in April – followed by social rides in Denmark during the Summer, before the first group travel to Flanders is planned to take place this Autumn.

Fun fact: Allan is the person/company in Denmark selling most bikes from the Belgian brand Ridley.

Read more about the partnership here.

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