New media survey uncovering the travel sentiment among Nordic journalists

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For obvious reasons, we have not really been able to arrange any events, workshops or press trips the past months – but as countries and borders start opening again, we have now started re-planning and resuming the different activities. Therefore, we have recently sent out a media sentiment survey with the aim of getting insight in the sentiment regarding travels and events among the Nordic media contacts. We sent out the survey to our media contacts in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway – both freelancers, journalists employed by a media house and influencers.

The survey reveals that 86% are ready to go to events, workshops, press trips etc. in their home country. 9% of the participants would rather wait a few months before attending such events in their home country depending on the development of the situation.

48% state that they are ready to attend press trips and events in Europe, while the remaining participants would rather wait a few more months or until the end of the year before attending such events in Europe.

32% of the participants are ready to attend events, workshops, press trips etc. outside Europe (as long as the travel advisories allow it), while 35% would rather wait a few months before taking part in such activities outside Europe.

Lastly, in the provided comment section, the survey demonstrates a shared eager to start travelling again. However, the participants also agree that it is necessary to monitor the situation and the development of the pandemic carefully as well as conforming to the national and local restrictions and travel advisories.

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