Mutti Tomato Challenge – Rethinking the Use of Canned Tomatoes

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An average Swede throws away 37 kilos of food every year, while the number is 78 kilos for Norwegians. Both countries have ambitious goals on a national level to reduce food waste with 20-30% per capita. To understand the issue better and inform consumers about food waste, what they can change in their everyday lives to reduce the issue and provide some cooking inspiration we assisted in creating a three part campaign on behalf of our client Mutti. The campaign was built around a survey with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding about Swedes and Norwegians’’ opinions and habits in regard to food waste. On top we added an influencer campaign in each country with leading food and sustainability profiles as well as a blind-tasting consumer event in Oslo and Stockholm, respectively.

Swedes and Norwegians want to reduce food waste
The survey had 1,003 respondents in Sweden and Norway combined and found that 72% Swedes and 76% Norwegians are actively trying to reduce their food waste on a daily basis, while most are not aware that canned tomatoes can be a great option for just that. Canned products last for up to three years in the cabinet – so you never have to worry about anything getting spotty or moldy in the fridge. Many also believe that fresh tomatoes inherently taste better than their high-quality canned counterparts – which we wanted to challenge! You can read a Swedish press release about this here.

Influencers creating inspiring recipes with canned tomatoes
To inspire more people to think differently about canned tomatoes and what dishes they can be used in, we teamed up with two food influencers with a deep interest for sustainability. We challenged them to create recipes with Mutti tomatoes – based on dishes where you usually use fresh tomatoes, to demonstrate the different ways canned high quality tomatoes can be used. In Sweden we challenged “stay cheap”-expert and dietician Hanna Olvenmark (portionenundertian), who created a roasted tomato soup with Muttis Pelati and a bruschetta with a white bean paste. In Norway food influencer Linda Stuhaug made a delicious fresh mango salsa with Cherry Tomatoes and a new take on the famous “Tiktok-pasta”.

Blind-tasting events in Oslo and Stockholm
To allow people to taste the difference themselves, we arranged two food truck events, one in Oslo and one in Stockholm, inviting bypassers to a tomato blind test. Participants were invited to taste two different types of Bruschetta’s, one made with imported fresh tomatoes, and one made with Mutti’s Polpa, prepared by Muttis corporate chef Carlo Casoni. After the participants took their time to enjoy and evaluate the Bruschetta’s, they were asked to vote for their favorite at a poll station, using red and yellow balls (red signifying the Mutti variant of course). Mutti ended up being the clear winner in both cities, really proving that canned tomatoes can be used more creatively in dishes most might not expect and be a great alternative to fresh product, which has shorter durability. The consumer blind-tasting event was also used as a setting for a video aimed at SoMe advertising.

The blind-tasting events were successful to say the least, many people were tempted by the smell of toasted ciabatta, fresh basil, and garlic – and of course tomatoes in combination with the fun voting activity. After the voting was completed, participants were offered a Mutti brochure with tips and recipes with the aim of inspiring more people to think about their food waste and give them information on how to think more creatively about leftovers.

Mutti’s tips and recipes with leftovers can be found here.

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