Uncovering potential and go-to-market strategy for Macao

By Related

For Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Related got the task for uncover Macao’s potential as a travel destination within the Nordic market.

Related therefore used the Travellyze concept, with the yearly Nordic quantitative survey, and then added specific Macao questions – to be able to combine the Macao destination profile with the Nordic traveler profile. By doing this, we could also benchmark Macao against 101 different destinations around the world.

The over 4.000 respondents were based on a representative cross section of people from the largest provider of panelists in the Nordics, M3 Research.

Further, Related conducted a qualitative survey by completing 14 personal interviews with travel trade professionals, influencers and private travelers – both some who had visited Macao and some who had not.

All the data and insights made it possible to evaluate on the destination’s potential in the market – and which products/experiences would be of highest interest among the Nordic travelers.

Based on this analysis, Related developed a go-to-market strategy for MGTO outlining how to fulfil Macao’s potential in the Nordics in the best possible way; which segments to target and which strategic approach the tourism board should take, divided into 3 phases: for the first 6 months, the following 2 years and the years after that. The strategy document also included USP’s made especially for the Nordic travelers, proposed channels, proposed PR strategy and proposed trade strategy.

After presenting the analysis and strategy, Related was appointed to undertake the PR and trade activities outlined in the strategy.