What is Travellyze?

Travellyze™ – the market leading travel intelligence concept

  • A unique developed algorithm to define a destination’s image from a specific market
  • The only benchmarking survey for +100 destinations including image, perception, experience and awareness with integrated PR and trade/product values.
  • A yearly comprehensive travel consumer intelligence survey with travel behavior, patterns, factors, habits, motives and inspirations plus much more.
  • An innovative, cost-effective questionnaire which combines destination surveys and consumer travel behavior.
  • A unique online, easy-accessible interface allowing to tailor-make over 10,000 different reports with cross function-possibilities across markets, segments, travel behavior and destinations.
  • The yearly survey is conducted among a fully strategically representative cross section of more than 1,000 panelists from each market.
  • Including overall market traveler profile, and more exclusive portraits like Luxury traveler, Active traveler, Cruising traveler plus many more.

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