Survey insights: City hotels and holiday homes are top accommodation types among Nordic travelers

By Related

The range of different accommodation types is wide. Some travelers prefer staying at a farmhouse, while others prefer a traditional 4-star hotel. But what are the most popular choices? The newly conducted survey insights collected by Travellyze reveal that Nordic travelers especially prefer two types of accommodation: city hotels and holiday homes.

There are many different options when it comes to accommodation types, and there is no doubt that travel accommodation is an important part of travelling – and it certainly also reflects travelers’ preferred way of spending their holiday.

Related has been collecting data about the Nordic outbound travel market since 2014, and we have recently developed our own unique market leading travel intelligence concept called Travellyze, which provides us with the latest insights on preferred accommodation types – and much more.

Top 3 accommodation types
The data reveals that city hotels are popular choices among Nordic travelers, no less than 44,88% of the average Nordic travelers say that this type of accommodation is one of their preferred types of accommodation. Interestingly, city hotels are especially the top accommodation type among Finnish travelers (57,75%). In addition to city hotels, holiday homes, that are not your privately owned home, are also a top preference. 43,48% of the average Nordic travelers prefer holiday homes, and this percentage makes holiday homes on par with city hotels. In fact, looking at the percentual differences between the countries, holiday homes are actually the top preference among both Danish (43,25%), Norwegian (47,29%) and Swedish travelers (44,54%). On a third place, independent 3-4 star hotels rank. 37,86% of the average Nordic travelers prefer such hotels, and the preference is especially strong among Norwegian travelers as 43,19% have this preference.

Spa hotels and farmhouses
When further comparing the Nordic travelers’ preferences, two types of accommodation especially stand out. Spa hotels are ranked on a seventh place with 25,52% of the average Nordic travelers preferring this type of accommodation. Interestingly, the data clearly shows that especially Finnish travelers are into this accommodation type, as all of 36,68% of the Finnish respondents have this preference. Another type of accommodation that stands out when comparing the four Nordic countries are farmhouses. Overall, this type is ranked on a fourteenth place with 11,24% of the average Nordic travelers preferring this. However, the data clearly shows that especially Danish travelers like accommodating at farmhouses, as all of 22,72% of the Danish respondents have this preference.

These and many additional interesting facts have been sourced from our annual survey. To learn more about Travellyze, please contact Henrik Koch at