We provide a number of services within the fields of consumer behaviour data and market intelligence such as:

Market analyses
No matter which insights you are missing on the Nordic travelers, we can help you gather them. We both offer the possibility to do separate analyses whenever it’s relevant for you OR the possibility to include a few tailormade questions in our yearly survey – for a very fair cost. We can also assist on processing and analyzing the data gathered and develop the ideal strategy for you, based on these insights – no matter if you are a well-known destination or if you are completely new and looking into entering the market.

Destination reports
We also offer the opportunity to make specific reports about your destination/product, with the aim to identify your target groups and potential in one or all of the Nordic markets. In such a report, we could for example line out which segment(s) and/or age group(s) holds the biggest potential, what is their travel behaviour and preferences, how do they prefer to book, etc.

Consumer profiles
Curious to know what characterizes the Nordic luxury traveler, the Swedish business traveler, the Danish outdoor traveler or the Finnish wellness and spa traveler? We got the answers and will be happy to make and present the consumer profiles based on your needs.

Since 2014, Travellyze has been collecting data about the Nordic outbound travel market by asking thousands of travelers everything from what form of travel they prefer, what their travel budget is, how they prefer to be accommodated, where they seek information about a destination before booking and so much more. All this data is compiled in the newly developed software tool name Travellyze.

Travellyze is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to search and segment with multiple variables to create comprehensive reports about a particular outbound travel market. Reports that include both travel behavior as well as the so-called image index that ranges more than 100 destinations’ popularity based on an awareness and attractiveness scale.

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