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Case - Outdoor cooking influencer event

Italian tomato producer Mutti Pomodoro has a strong love for nature and the environment where their tomatoes are grown – a love they share with many Norwegians.

By connecting Mutti to topics that are relevant and dear to Norwegian hearts and minds – being outdoors and caring for nature – we wanted to create a sense of closeness with Norwegian consumers.


To do so, we coordinated a campaign with a hiking and outdoors theme. The campaign was divided into two parts; an content collaboration with outdoor influencer Une Cecilie Oksvold and a hiking themed influencer event, which Une hosted as an outdoor cooking expert.


The collaboration with Une Cecilie Oksvold aimed at promoting Mutti’s products for cooking in an outdoor setting. Une created two unique Mutti recipes, one of them a “hiking Bacalao” using classic Norwegian klippfisk, thus connecting the Norwegian food culture with Italian tomatoes through food traditions. Une shared the recipes on her Instagram channel as inspiration for her followers, and the recipes were also printed in a leaflet, which contained tips and tricks on how to cook outdoors.  


As a natural extension of the collaboration, we held an influencer event, which Une hosted. We invited lifestyle influencers within food, health and outdoor living to join Mutti on a fun and challenging hike to a beautiful viewpoint at Grefsenkollen, Oslo. Upon arrival, Une guided the participants to cook the special Mutti hiking bacalao dish over open fire. The delicious meal was enjoyed with an amazing view over the city of Oslo below. 


The participants had a fun and memorable day, and our ambition to communicate Mutti’s point in a sensorial way succeeded. Also, connecting the world of Mutti’s Italian tomatoes with the Norwegian outdoor spirit and traditional Norwegian klippfisk was not only clear, but made beautiful sense and tasted great.


The event generated a total organic coverage reach of +2 million. It also effectively strengthened the bond to the participating Norwegian influencer profiles, who in turn endorsed Mutti and highlighted the brand’s relevance towards Norwegians.


Image credits @Une Oksvold and Noblewolf

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